Jordan Tate is a productive screenwriter with a strong interest in thrillers, science fiction and fantasy stories; she also focuses her attention on tormented characters and stories based on actual events. 
Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick have influenced her imagination. She enjoys putting her audience and readers on the wrong track with characters that are never what they seem to be. 
She often quotes the legendary movie "KING KONG"as being behind her vocation. 
Her recent accomplishments include various assignments for several worldwide production companies especially in Europe and USA. She has had several screenplays optioned, and has penned numerous books adaptations and original screenplays.
"Jordan is a highly creative writer 
who can transcend genres in her work 
(whether her own or work that's assigned to her) - 
horror, sci-fi, or romance, you name 
it, she can take on the challenge. Extremely reliable." 
Gerald James Seward. Producer on "Cyber Hunt". 
"I’m ever so grateful you took on "Earth friends". To all who read this, Jordan is a real pleasure to work with, she is thruthful, has great integrity, and is a super screenwriter. I couldn’t have a better person adapting "Earth friends". I’m honored she took on the project. She is a person you can count on and I hope that this screen adaptation will take us both far. She is so very deserving". 
Raven Hawk, author of "Earth friends" original short story adapted by Jordan Tate for the screen.