FULL BLOOM: (drama, based upon a true life story) 
For years, Mark has been coping with swinging moods, memory loss and recurring trips into an altered reality. For years, he’s been meeting his unrecognizable twin: The bipolar disorder. Institutionalized on several occasions, Mark tries to tame this twin with the aid of a devoted psychiatrist, and his passion for music and writing… 
Based upon the book by Mark Greene, a real life story and poignant account of the bipolar disorder and reminiscent of « one flew over the cuckoo’s nest » « Full bloom » is a moving combination of drama and mystery revolving around the syndrome that affects about 5.7 million adults in USA, including household names, and successfully treated in movies such as «Happiness therapy « « Mr. Jones « or « The Mosquito coast ».

Director, composer attached.
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Miss Clark: (fantasy) 
Some legends never die. When her boyfriend gets killed by a werewolf before her eyes, a teacher turns into a hunter in order to track down the creature behind the crime and begins to discover terrifying elements on her own past, ultimately she finds out that she must battle the "army of darkness" that will walk the earth before the next eclipse. 
A non-stop action, gothic tale packed with witches, werewolves and ancestral legends!


A chronicle of adventurer, soldier and film maker Merian Cooper and the real life experiences that inspired the creation of his most famous character: King Kong.

Name director and composer attached.
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